Fortrite - Moverite - Natural Mass - Fit n Finish

Scientifically formulated......artfully crafted products engineered for showstock

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From Frame To Finish

The right pedigree, the right type.  Whether you're dialed in to the county show, including some jackpots along the way or have set a course for a major, you've made the investment and will continue to invest time, feed and hopes along the way.  You're already vested, we get it, you want the most from your efforts.  Build the more solid frame with Fortrite, set the depth/dimension and shape with Natural Mass, ensure soundness with Moverite and polish 'em off with Fit 'N Finish.  It's the line dedicated to your drive towards the grand.

Offering These Fine Products

From fortifying the right frame, to adding depth/dimension and keeping them sound throughout and polishing the finish...we've got products geared specifically for showstock and for massive framework and the tweak you're needing.

  • You Are Expert In Your Craft

    Details matter, they set champions apart.  The same attention to detail, that track of thought.....we're on it too.  The novel formulations are thoughtful, the attention to ingredient selection, the manufacture flowchart are well planned.

  • The Science of Movement

    Is it any surprise that with all the technology we have today, that we can so positively influence movement in our showstock?  Good thing too, with the stress of massive muscle growth, skeletal systems capable of such dimension.....soundness is the crowned jewel that you must have to compete at the highest level.  We are all in for your campaign towards the grand drive.