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Natural Mass is an all natural supplement. Contains NO chemicals, NO herbs, making it SHOW RING READY. A formula designed with not only essential amino acids, but with the branched chain amino acids, rice bran components and tons of Vitamins B, providing mass, dimension and shape.

When and how should you use NATURAL MASS?

Start off with 1 scoop for show pigs. 2 scoops for show cattle until you get your shape and back off.... use it again towards target show date to tweak fleshing.. This product burns a little fat, so keep that in mind when it comes to dialing in your flesh. We balanced that off a bit by using the fractionated vegetable fat, but it is a HEAVY MUSCLE BUILDER, and as you know, muscle burns fat.

Can you use NATURAL MASS with Ractopamine?

You can, it will likely accelerate your shape.  Most don't, most will build the shape early (recall AnSci physiological chronology) maintain shape with Natural Mass while adding cover and using Natural Mass for final tweaking.