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Frameworx is a structure support formula, made with Macro and Trace Minerals. Designed to fortify a dense frame structure and strong tensile strength for connective tissues as well and nourish the early skeleton development.

Why should you use Frameworx?

Today, we want our show animals to grow muscle at a higher rate, so while we ask our animals to push for this growth, we need to have in mind that this faster growth puts a tremendous amount of stress on the frame, the ligaments and tendons. While the bone structure is growing we need to keep in mind the tendons and ligaments need to growth too at the same time, so Frameworx plays a fundamental role bringing calcium and phosphorus needs with highly available sources of macro minerals, also higher amounts of chelated trace minerals to ensure efficient deposition of bone mass.  

If we compensate this growth with calcium and phosphorus, there is scientifically prove for a quite decrease soundness problems. 

What about  ingredients on this product?

Frameworx is proudly manufactured with one of the unique calcium ingredient in the market, with wonderful results, Red Algae Calcium. This specific calcium compared to the other calcium sources in the market, is proven to add other a vast variety of other minerals, 74 in total,  that differentiate from the other calcium sources, which only offers a simple calcium carbonate. * Scientific studies on the benefits of red mineral algae have shown a positive effect in warding off osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and colon polyp formation.

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When should I feed Frameworx?

Frameworx should be feed at a early stage through 150 pounds and perhaps continue into later weights to support ligaments and tendons.