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Drive Time as we call it is the Ultimate Pre-Game Changer. This is a great hydration formula, and very unique, made with BEET JUICE POWDER a perfect source for Nitrous Oxide Energy, A second level of energy is the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) to go that extra distance in the show cycle.  We certainly know hydration is critical and Drive Time leads the way with the triple threat of sea salt, potassium and dextrose (not too much though), add in critical minerals of magnesium and calcium in citrate form to encourage muscle reach and relax your show animal.  Finally a generous compliment of stress B Vitamins Thiamine and Riboflavin along with supporting B Vitamins and Drive Time is the last tweak show animals need to hit the class, the division, the breed and have plenty left in the tank for the callback drive.

Why and when should you use DRIVE TIME?

We highly recommend using Drive Time as a hydration formula, certainly the show arena, but also the shipping to and from.  Drive Time also finds its way into the nursery where hydration may be needed.   And, then Drive Time is an ideal energy and stamina support.  A more simple burst of energy, followed by a bump of nitrous oxide via the beet juice powder and then for the long haul deep into the day.  We've had great benefit starting with a scoop a couple days out to bring the nutrients into play for the body to prep.  Another scoop or maybe two the day before.  The day of we've been adding it in feed or drench about two hours out at one scoop.  I personally have used it at 2 scoops in feed in my hammered oats about an hour out and have thought that gave us the look we wanted.

How much  DRIVE TIME you should feed?

You should feed 1-2 scoops per animal.